Stretch Films

Benefits Of Cast Stretch Films
  • Protection from moisture, dirt & abrasion :
    Stretch film protects against these elements, safeguarding the goods it wraps.
  • Reliable performances
    The security associated and with the holding performance, load retention and protection is readily evident.
  • Scan-through optics
    The superior appearance and clarity of cast stretch film enables codes to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.
  • Ease of removal
    Cast stretch film only clings to itself and not surface; it does not produce clinging noise, thus making its removal fast, safe, clean and easy.

Types Of Rolls

  • Machine Roll : Superior load retention to reduce shifting and movement. Excellent puncture resistance with better protection and clearer film. Suitable for conventional and power pre-stretch machine wrapping of palletized goods.
  • Hand Roll : Lightweight and easy to use. Manual wrapping of palletized wood, bricks, paper and other industry products.
  • Max Stretch : Max-Stretch™ is a newly innovated thin gauge stretch film. Due to its strong and thin structure, Max-Stretch™ is an optimized film with no pre-stretch system required. It is an ideal packaging solution ensuring stability of palletized goods during transportation. Max-Stretch™ is easy to use simply by applying to the pallet under tension. It is available in 10µm, 11µm and 12µm

Performance Features :