Release Agent

We are authorised Distributor of McLube India Pvt. Ltd.for Gujarat Region.The McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc. manufactures environmentally safe, effective, and economical Mold Release Agents and Antistick Coatings to meet virtually every manufacturing need. Our Mold Release Agents include the latest technology and are based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fluorochemical and resin based formulations. It work over a wide range of temperatures on a full complement of surfaces. These Mold Release Agents are designed specifically for use with all types of rubber, plastic, composites, and polyurethane parts. Suitable for use on a wide variety of molding and other processes, including laminating, extruding, pultruding, filament winding and hose manufacturing.

Our mold release agent technology provides high value-in-use products which are effective through multiple cycles, to keep tools clean longer and productivity levels high. There is no transfer to molded parts and no interference with finishing and bonding. These Mold Release Agents are easy to apply and are specially formulated for easy mold cleaning and tool maintenance. Further, they address environmental concerns by limiting breathable dust in the workplace.

We specialize only in the technology, development, production and marketing of high-performance Mold Release Agents, Anti stick and Specialty Lubricant products. We are concerned not only with meeting the needs of the industries we serve today, but are also committed to developing technologies and products for the customers and markets of the future. In addition to supplying sophisticated proven products to satisfy our customers' needs, we specialize in providing expert technical consultation to help our customers obtain optimum performance with all of our products.

We have wide range of release agents as orders:
  • Hand lay up.
  • Epoxy molding.
  • Pultrusion.
  • Filament winding.
  • PU Molding etc.
We have solution for any type of your release agent requirement.