Phenolic Resin

We are dealing in various types of Phenolic Resins having applications in different fields.We give below the details of different grades.

Resins for Foundry

We have different grades for shell moulding,Hot Tops,No bake type,two component type,single component type ,Resole and Novolac grades.Based on customers requirement we can suggest right grade.Even special grade also can be developed as to suit specific requirement.

Resins for Grinding Wheel

We have various grades of liquid resole and powder grade(with hardener) phenolic resin for small Gurder wheels and Big Saran Wheel.Liquid Resins can be supplied with different solid contents.Powder resins can be supplied with various Norton flows viz.Long,Short,Medium.

Resins For Rubber

For rubber we have entire range of various phenolic resins for Tyre cord industry to Butyle Rubber application.We have very good PTBP grades for Adhesives and Tackifier grades for different rubber.Our resin for rice roller grade gives reinforcement(Hardening effect) to the rubber which cannot be obtained even by adding filler like carbon.

There are many other grades for various applications which can be offered on request.