Stitch bond Glass Fabric

We are authorized Distributor of M/s Saertex India Pvt. Ltd.We have wide range of Multiaxial Glass Fabrics for composite Industries.

The basic properties of composites are dependent here on

  • fibre type (glass, aramide, carbon)
  • the matrix system
  • the proportion of the fiber in the component

Once the component requirements are determined fibre orientation and the associated interlaid complexes dimensioning can be so chosen as to greatly influence component properties. The reinforcement textile is a major factor. Multiaxial interlaid complexes of variable alignment and layer arrangement always has the highest mechanical characteristic values.

The benefits of our Non Crimp(Stitched) Fabrics at a glance:

Compared to crimped fabrics as in e.g. woven textiles straight fibres have greater load capacity.

The individual layer angularity is variable and makes force assumption in the component optimally adapted to the individual case. This gives designer two options by comparison with woven textiles:
  • Higher mechanical characteristic values for the same weight.
  • Lower weight and less reinforcement material for the same mechanical characteristic value.

Use of our multiaxial fabric also has further benefits:

  • Reduction of the manufacturing cost (fewer layers due to high layer surface area weight).
  • This yields faster lamination cadence.
  • Time savings.
  • Cost savings.
Types of Fabric available:

Unidirectional Fabric – in 0° or in 90° direction. This stitch bonded material is produced with reinforcing threads, with a CSM or fleece.
Possible widths: 30 – 3600 mm

Bidirectional Fabric -in 0°/90° direction. As an option, a CSM or fleece can be stitched onto the upper or lower side.
Possible widths: 30 – 3600 mm

Multiaxial Fabric with various weights, variable directions and arrangement of the individual layers. Angles between 22.5° and 90° possible.
Possible widths: 30 – 2540 mm

Stitchbond Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) made of cut glass fibres, without binder and chemicals with random fibre orientation. Stitchbonding gives these fabrics an excellent drapability.
Possible widths: 30 – 3600 mm

Sandwitch core is Stitched bonded, glued or needled sandwich complexes with any desired core materials, e.g. polypropylene as resin flow zonewich Complexes.
Possible widths: 30 – 3600 mm

Composite components of Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) make it possible to ideally transmit the forces that arise in the stress direction using targeted fibre alignment. This makes reduced component weight despite identical mechanical values or higher loads for the same component weight compared to standard reinforcement textiles (woven fabric, etc.) possible.

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