Fibreglass Products for FRP

We are Authorised Distributor of "Binani" fibreglass products for Gujarat Region.

Chopped Strand Mat(Emulsion/Powder)

Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly,yet evenly distributed strands,chopped from continuous "E"glass fibres in to 50 mm length,bonded with emulsion binder possesses excellent surface bonding efficiency.

We can supply Emulsion/Powder Bonded Mat with Various Densities like 180/225/450/600 and width 0.5 mtr/1.0 mtr./1.25 mtr.


Roving is a collection of specified numbers of untwisted continuous filament of "E" glass chrome - free Silane sized, produced by pulling directly from the bushing and wound on to a cylindrical package.We can supply Direct Rovings for Pultrusion,Filament Windings,SMC and various other application.We also have assembled Rovings for SMC,Spray and other application.Presently We can offer Rovings of 300/600/1200/2400/4800 Tex.

Chopped Strands

Chopped Strands are chopped from continuous "E" - glass fibres. The chopped strands are free flowing and are designed to resist the rigors of compounding whilst allowing the finished moulding to develop satisfactory mechanical properties.

We supply it for various application like DMC(Polyster/Epoxy),Plastic Reinforcement(Noryl/Nylon),Water Dispersion etc.

Wooven Rovings

Woven Roving is plainly woven from Rovings having polyester / Chrome - free Silane sized, with higher dimensional properties and regular distribution of fibreglass with excellent bonding strength among laminates, so the laminates possesses higher fibre content, tensile strength and impact resistance.