EPE Foam

EPE is a closed cell extruded non-cross linked polyethylene foam manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE) as a base material with blowing agent of LPG. Both are Eco-Friendly.

EPE has a innumerable tiny closed cells, which has a very fine & uniform structure available from 0.85 mm to 12 mm thickness. A unique heat lamination process is used to built up the thickness from 6 mm to 100 mm & more to form a laminate & composite multilayered structure of homogeneous bonding with Taper- Free parellelness.

Used in Computer, X-ray Equipment & X-ray equipments & X-ray Films, Electronic Equipments & Component, Electrical Application & Components, Audio/Video Equipments.
Used in packing for Marble, Granites & Tiles, Glass, Glass Wares, etc.
Also used in Automobiles for Car floor mats, Insulation pad in A.C. insulation,
Used in Construction for Expansion Joint filler.
Used in marine for Life Saving Jackets, Insulation of Ships/trawlers,
Major used in Carpet underlay, Jewelry Boxes, toys etc.