Angle Board

Angle board offered by us ae manufactured using multiple layers of paper board that are laminated with glue & formed into a rigid right angle. This provides exceptional strength for load stability as well as for packaging protection. Manufactured on made-to-order basis, we can offer Angle boards in a variety of lengths, leg-sizes & thicknesses.

Used in conjunction with strapping or stretch film, it helps in creating a tight, secure shipping cube for containing load and preventing damage from shifting during shipping & handling.

Angle board Benefits:

Stacking Strength:
Angle board vertically reinforces loads, enabling them to be stacked higher for maximum utilization of warehouse space

Angle board Benefits:

Strap Protection:
Strapping, applied at maximum tension, improves load stability but subjects the load to possible crushing at corners. Angle board provides buffer between load & strapping to permit high tension without damages.

U Profile

We understand that edge protection of products is very essential while in transit as it decreases overall risk of probable damages. Our newly introduced product U Profile is made of 100% Kraft paper. It has several applications in packaging of products and helps in minimizing damages to comers as well as providing 100% safety to the product.

Usage of U Profile:

We can also provide clients a wide range of u - profiles as per their specific packing needs.


Available Shapes:

Paper Edge Board

We hold expertise in manufacturing quality Paper Edge Boards that provide desired load bearing capacity to the packaging during stacking. These also protect the packed products safe from adverse handling, storage and transit conditions.

Features of Paper Edge Board:

O. D. Protector

Angle board O. D. Protectors are constructed with preformed right angles that are notched and scored to readily conform to the outer circumference of paper rolls. Both I.D. and O.D. protectors are available in standard and custom gauge and lengths.

ID O. D. Protector offered by us are flexible wrap around edge protectors offering O.D. and I.D. protection. Available in both standard and customized finishes, these are available for applications like in paper reels, metal foils & printed reels.